I wanted to wait a little longer to share this news, but let’s face it I have no self control and can’t keep it to myself much longer.

We are having twins!

Wild, right? Crazy, right? I mean those are the two words I keep saying over and over. Also, “thank you!” We are so unbelievably thankful to God and to everyone who has been a part of this journey. So humbled. And so, so thankful. So, if you see me I’m pretty much at a loss for words except for these three, like a broken record- wild, crazy, thank you! I am overwhelmed.

I listened to the song, “Broken Vessels,” on repeat heading to a baby shower one day last year and the idea of this video, with this song, popped into my mind. I even thought to myself, if it’s twins we can include little clips of our family members reacting to the news. I love this song so much because God likes to use ordinary, imperfect, broken people, like myself to do something extraordinary, that only He can do. And by doing this, people will see Him.

So take this heart Lord, I’ll be your vessel. The world to see, Your life in me”

With each little step forward, each week that passes, the anxiety that is lurking deep down, below the surface subsides. I think with infertility, a person is so much more conscious of the risk of miscarriage. I have been hyper aware of every little twinge and cramp I feel. Morning sickness is strangely comforting and reassuring to me that everything is okay. My friend, Jenni, who battled her own bumpy infertility road, told me after my very first ultrasound (at 6 weeks) when I said we had two little heartbeats, that I had “strong babies.” Whether she knows it or not, I have taken hold of that phrase. I have taken comfort in that phrase. It’s my little daily mantra, “I have strong babies!” Another place I have found encouragement and comfort is the new Sarah’s Laughter pregnancy after infertility support group. This is a brand new thing. My support group is such a big part of my life that when I became pregnant, and “graduated” from the meetings, I felt like a part of me was missing. Little did I know that BIG, exciting changes were about to happen to Sarah’s Laughter. Beth recently opened a center, which will create so many opportunities in helping, and ministering to women walking through infertility. There are a handful of girls all expecting from the support group, enough to create a new support group. Each of their stories is a testimony to the different and unique ways in which God works- not one is the same. What a neat experience to walk through some of the toughest parts of your life with people, and then get to walk next to each other through some of the most exciting parts. Thankful is an understatement when it comes to this group of precious girls.

Please pray for this pregnancy to continue to go as smoothly as it has. Pray that God’s hand remains over Beth and the very new Sarah’s Laughter center and that this center is able to reach even more hurting hearts than before. Thank God for my strong babies and for the strong babies of each expectant mother in my support group.

11 thoughts on “2+2=4

  1. I just mailed you a card today….before I read this FABULOUS NEWS….so just DOUBLE everything I said in my card! So extremely happy and excited for The Stickle Family!!!!!


  2. Oh my sweet Mary Claire! This video was something special! You, my friend, are so special. God is so good! I could not be happier for your growing family. I have watched this video 5 times and keep crying huge tears of joy! Sigh! (PS. You will have to help me make a video when our lil miracle comes!) SO HAPPY FOR YALL AND GOD BLESS!


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