unnamed (7)I can’t stop looking at this picture. And each time remind myself, pinch myself, that pregnant belly belongs to me. That is me. The key on my bracelet says, “believe,” and was given to me a year ago. I have worn it almost everyday- on days when I really needed the reminder to believe, and especially on days during this past round of treatment that resulted in the pregnant belly that you see. I wore this bracelet as armor. As protection over my heart. As a statement. And on this day, a day for remembering pregnancy and infant loss, I take this bracelet off and extend it to the wrist of those who have experienced loss. I strap this armor on those of you who have holes in your hearts and to those of you who are still waiting on your miracles. I pray that when you look at this picture you feel covered in hope, encouragement, and belief that that pregnant belly will one day belong to you. God will get you there.

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I wanted to share this message from Charlotte Gambill.

I listened to this particular message several times while walking through infertility, and she is just so smart. I feel like there is someone who could use this message on this particular day, just like I did on many difficult days. Some journeys involve an instant and some involve going the long way round. If you find yourself going the long way round, make it your business to believe that God’s schedule is better than yours. If you are reading this and have experienced pregnancy or infant loss, I am so sorry you lost your baby.

I collect the strength that I would never have found in the instant. I collect the relationships that I made that I would never have made. I collect the tenacity. I collect the insight. I collect the wisdom. And when I actually add up my miracle, I have double for my trouble. – Charlotte Gambill”