Baby Steps 5k, 2015

What a year it has been!

From last November’s first ever Baby Steps 5K to this November’s Baby Steps 5K, our life has completely been changed. Friends, I should not be allowed to drive in the car alone by myself these days because the tears just sneak their way in. Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. You would not believe the number of people who came out in the rain to support infertility this year! The venue changed to accommodate a larger crowd. The donations given made it possible for multiple drawings, giving even more couples in need the chance to win and help build their families. This year exceeded last year and was yet another Ephesians 3:20 event!

On Tuesday this past week when I got word the race hit 2,000 registrants, I just could not stop thinking how insane it is. How much bigger this is than just our story, how much bigger this is than the little idea than it started out as. When I pulled up to Beth’s house to help put together race packets like I did last year, just the number of cars parked outside from volunteers increased from last year. Sarah’s Laughter in the past year itself has seen changes. It has a center of it’s very own and meetings are no longer at Beth’s house. The meetings are much larger, reaching and touching the lives of so many more than ever before.  A selfish part of me will always love and miss the small, tight knit group that met at her house. And the warm snuggly couch that I always sat next to Melissa on. But even Beth’s couches are new. And many of the group members have experienced miracles, like us, starting new chapters of their lives, “graduating” from meetings. And these are all very good and God driven changes.

This week talking with my PAIL group, we offered up our prayer requests for the race. Most of the time our discussions are heavily revolved around baby gear, nursery decor, pregnancy symptoms, and upcoming appointments. But when we get down to the good stuff, and share what God has put on our hearts, I am reminded just how special this group of women is to me. Just how much these girls want this for everyone facing infertility. Where we all were a year ago, where we are all now, and just how thankful for everything (including the not so lovely parts) we are!

I wanted to share with you my prayer request that I sent to them. This is what I have prayed for all week and what I will continue to pray for after race day. My prayer is that not only are the lives of the winners changed, but the 5K changes the lives of all the couples facing infertility. That the support they are given on race day by their loved ones continues after the race, like it did for Will and me. That the race gives those facing infertility the courage to be brave and share their story. I pray that the internet is taken over by infertility blogs! That every person facing infertility leaves the race feeling like a winner.

If it were not for the 5K, I would not have reached out to family and friends asking for help. The inspiration our friends felt to create the Go Fund Me that financed our fertility treatment this year would not have happened. I would not have stood next to my friend Katie, who recently became a mama, lucky enough to start the race in front of a crowd of people both of us on the other side of it. I would not be in my third trimester of pregnancy with twins. I know that our story is not the only incredible product of the race. I encourage each of you to share how the race changed your life, and how God is in the center of it. Even if you cry or your voice gets shaky, even if it makes your heart race a little faster or your palms a little sweaty. Share with others what He has done, or is doing in your life. Share your pain. Allow others to help carry your burden, because look at what could happen.

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