Sarah’s Laughter has a podcast! Yay! In March, I felt so special to get to sit down with Jason & Beth Forbus to record an episode with my dear friend, Melissa. We chatted about our own personal struggle with infertility, how infertility brought us together as friends, and how to remain friends when one becomes a mom, and one is still in the wait. Friends, this was so much fun! I told Melissa, I was either going to get a case of the giggles, or cry. My hormones were still all over the place so it dangerously could go either way. And I actually did both! Thankfully, I’m not a glass case of emotions anymore. We talked SO much, in fact, Jason had to cut half of what was recorded! I really can’t wait to do another one and drag my buddy along with me- she doesn’t have a choice. And actually Jason and Beth don’t either. I have caught the podcast bug! I drank the Kool Aid.

I really love how the episode turned out (thank you editing!) First, I had no idea I talked that slow. Friends, y’all are so patient to listen to me. Second, I’m going to go back and take a tally of how many times I say, “you know” “um” and “so.” Beth explained how she usually does an introduction on each guest at the beginning such as, “she likes long walks on the beach.”  I told her, I don’t like long walks on the beach, I like to sit on the beach. No exercise involved. So, that’s where that came from, just to give some context!

I met Melissa at the Sarah’s Laughter infertility workshop a few years ago and we became fast friends. She is the peanut butter to my jelly, the selfie to my selfie stick. Infertility is a journey we both share, but there are so many other things we talk about and do together that isn’t centered around infertility. I love to go to worship concerts with her. That girl gets that side step together, step and clapping her hands going. I just love it. She really gets a kick out of life. I’m lucky to call her my soul sista, and so thankful that we have remained friends.

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Since we recorded our podcast, I have discovered that there is an entire world of podcasts that exists! It is my new favorite thing to do. I wanted to share my two favorites (besides Sarah’s Laughter, of course) that I love, because if I included them all this post would be way too long!

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey I LOVE this podcast. I listen to it when I’m doing dishes, folding laundry, or sometimes out walking. I’ve told a few friends this, but many of the episodes I’ve listened to, the featured guest has struggled with infertility in some way. And I don’t know why, but it still surprises me how many people are impacted by infertility. It isn’t the purpose of the show, but it is a part of so many women’s stories that it is a subject that is often touched on.

The Popcast with Knox & Jamie Friends, this show is hysterical. Jamie B Golden (different Jamie than the above mentioned) I just wish I could shrink her and put her in my pocket. The banter between the two is the best. I don’t have cable so a lot of the time I don’t even know what they are talking about, but I still get a kick out of it. I used to recommend Episode 138 for anyone who starts it, but last week’s episode has trumped it and is now their best yet. So subscribe to their show on iTunes and start with Episode 151.

6 Months


Bennett & Eliza are 6 months old! Will and I are both enjoying them so much at this age. It takes a special kind of person to “love” that baby/newborn stage, and I don’t fit that category. I was so excited when they hit this month. I do get how it can be little bittersweet because half a year has already passed, but this is my favorite age as of yet, it’s really the cutest. I have a feeling from here on out I might say that each passing month.

At six months they both weigh 18 lbs, are in Size 3 diapers, and wear 6-9 month & 9 month clothes. Eliza is still about 1 1/2 inches longer than Bennett. And she has a gigantic head. They have started eating solids, taking water from a sippy cup, and are 100% sleeping in their cribs- no more naps in the rock-n-plays. They sleep about 11 hours through the night. Take a long nap in the morning and then two shorter ones. I have become brave enough to start taking them on errands by myself like the grocery store, or out to eat. And it’s always a better week (for all three of us) when we can make it to Gymboree or a friend play date!

Bennett: This little boy is a mess. He is ticklish, everywhere. Smiles and laughs very easily. But just as quickly will turn it into cries. Out of the two, he is still holding strong the title of the demanding one. He loves to be held and prefers to be engaged at all times. He has developed a slight case of separation anxiety from me and is hit or miss on how he feels about someone else holding him. He loves to be loud and is a huge fan of bath time. He wakes up with a ginormous grin and kicks like crazy. His eyes are still a pretty dark blue and his fuzzy hair in the back is starting to stick straight up.  B is finally, finally tolerating tummy time longer. He has found his feet and has started to sit unassisted. He hasn’t met a food he dislikes- carrots and apples/bananas are two favorites. And he has two tiny bottom teeth!

Eliza: She is our sweet girl. And such a nosy rosy. She quietly watches everything. Out of the two, she is still holding strong the title of the chill baby. She loves rolling over, turning herself upside down on her boppy, and scooching on her back. She is a little snuggler like her brother, but mostly when she’s sleepy. She is an easier one to pass around a room of people who want to hold her, but every once in a while feels a little bit of stranger danger. She loves to give kisses and anytime she is next to her brother she finds his hand to hold. She has been saving her best smiles and giggles for the dogs these days who she loves to notice and reach out to touch. She found her feet at five months and has recently been putting them in her mouth. No teeth yet, but everything goes straight to the mouth! She shares the same favorite foods as her brother along with avocado, but isn’t a fan of peaches.

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