6 Months


Bennett & Eliza are 6 months old! Will and I are both enjoying them so much at this age. It takes a special kind of person to “love” that baby/newborn stage, and I don’t fit that category. I was so excited when they hit this month. I do get how it can be little bittersweet because half a year has already passed, but this is my favorite age as of yet, it’s really the cutest. I have a feeling from here on out I might say that each passing month.

At six months they both weigh 18 lbs, are in Size 3 diapers, and wear 6-9 month & 9 month clothes. Eliza is still about 1 1/2 inches longer than Bennett. And she has a gigantic head. They have started eating solids, taking water from a sippy cup, and are 100% sleeping in their cribs- no more naps in the rock-n-plays. They sleep about 11 hours through the night. Take a long nap in the morning and then two shorter ones. I have become brave enough to start taking them on errands by myself like the grocery store, or out to eat. And it’s always a better week (for all three of us) when we can make it to Gymboree or a friend play date!

Bennett: This little boy is a mess. He is ticklish, everywhere. Smiles and laughs very easily. But just as quickly will turn it into cries. Out of the two, he is still holding strong the title of the demanding one. He loves to be held and prefers to be engaged at all times. He has developed a slight case of separation anxiety from me and is hit or miss on how he feels about someone else holding him. He loves to be loud and is a huge fan of bath time. He wakes up with a ginormous grin and kicks like crazy. His eyes are still a pretty dark blue and his fuzzy hair in the back is starting to stick straight up.  B is finally, finally tolerating tummy time longer. He has found his feet and has started to sit unassisted. He hasn’t met a food he dislikes- carrots and apples/bananas are two favorites. And he has two tiny bottom teeth!

Eliza: She is our sweet girl. And such a nosy rosy. She quietly watches everything. Out of the two, she is still holding strong the title of the chill baby. She loves rolling over, turning herself upside down on her boppy, and scooching on her back. She is a little snuggler like her brother, but mostly when she’s sleepy. She is an easier one to pass around a room of people who want to hold her, but every once in a while feels a little bit of stranger danger. She loves to give kisses and anytime she is next to her brother she finds his hand to hold. She has been saving her best smiles and giggles for the dogs these days who she loves to notice and reach out to touch. She found her feet at five months and has recently been putting them in her mouth. No teeth yet, but everything goes straight to the mouth! She shares the same favorite foods as her brother along with avocado, but isn’t a fan of peaches.

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When I started putting a list together of month 3-6 favorites, I realized most are play related. Bennett & Eliza are both exploring and interacting so much it makes sense that the most used items these past few months have been toys.

  1. Sound Machine – I keep the one in their room on white noise all the time. The best part about a sound machine is it drowns out any outside noise so they can keep snoozing along! 4th of July fireworks made no difference. The one we have is discontinued, but some friends have this one.
  2. Star Projector – Bennett & Eliza each have one attached to their crib and love to look at the stars on the ceiling. I usually turn it on in the morning when it’s not time for them to get up just yet to buy myself a few more minutes of sleep some time to get up and get the bottles warmed up. You can hear Eliza on the monitor just talking and singing while looking at the stars.
  3. Baby Einstein YouTube channel – We are on a huge Baby Einstein kick. We don’t own any of the DVD’s but after being mesmerized by it at their friend Cole’s house, I found it on YouTube when we got home and play it on the TV for them. We don’t watch it all day long, but I have been putting it on in the mornings after they eat, so I can fix myself some coffee and change from pajama pants to yoga pants.
  4. Any toy that crinkles, especially if it has something to teeth on attached to it. I picked up a couple of tiny crinkle books from Wal Mart and they both love them. They have also discovered tags on anything and really like their taggies blanket. Bennett has the blue and Eliza has the pink.
  5. Oball toys are also easy for them to play with and hold onto. They have the shaker, the green rattle ball, and this flexi loop
  6. Sophie the Giraffe  – they fight over this one. Eliza has a love/hate relationship with Sohpie, she just really wants to be able to eat it all and it does not cooperate.
  7. Sleep N Play – I purchase a handful of these for each baby every time they move up a size. They live in these at the house, often. We keep it comfy. I’m over snap pajamas because they wiggle so much, the zipper is where it’s at. I’ll pick them up from all over- Amazon, Carters, Target, etc. Usually by the afternoon, they are down to their diaper anyway from all the drool, spit up, and food messiness.
  8. Exersaucer- Our twin friends, the Gibbons girls, gave us two hand-me-down excersaucers. This keeps both babies very content! Bennett hangs out in this
  9. Foam play mat
  10. Activity Table– This is our newest. I haven’t put the legs on it yet so each baby can sit up and play with it or easily press the buttons during tummy time. Eliza is fascinated with the lights.


*photography: Claire Town


2 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. I read your words first and when I looked at the beautiful photos, I saw details I’d have missed without your words – Bennett’s hair, the drool, Eliza’s loving touches. Your blog is a great “baby book.” Thanks for sharing it.


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