9 Months

I’m squeezing this post in on the last day that Bennett and Eliza will be 9 month olds. Still counts, right? Tomorrow and the next day (two different birthdays…) we will have  10 month olds on our hands and that is just CRAZY. Months 6-9 have been so much fun. This is such a cute age, my favorite so far. Filled with lots of firsts! At the end of July, they did swimming lessons. Which was probably the highlight of our summer. They both loved the water, especially Bennett. We have taken them to the park, the zoo, the pumpkin patch, out to dinner a couple of times (past bedtime and we stick to that bedtime!) They’ve gone on play dates, had their first ear infections- twins with ear infections not for the weak, swung on the swings for the first time, changed to their convertible car seats, watched their Dad finish the Warrior Dash, and have been strolled around the neighborhood and all sorts of errands too many times to count.

At 9 months, they have dropped their end of the day cat nap and take two naps- a morning and an afternoon. They are usually down for two hours in the morning and the afternoon is pretty hit-or-miss. Sometimes it can be a long one and sometimes its 45 minutes. The saying “twins don’t wake each other up” is a complete myth. Yes they do. Just not all the time. I have considered separating them during nap time, but haven’t followed through on that thought yet! They are both in 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers. They have also dropped a bottle (yay) and are down to three a day- which also means one load in the sanitizer- and three solids a day. They both love food, breakfast seems to be their favorite. I can see many “brinners” in our future, and Will and I are totally okay with that because who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

( Here are pics from months 7 & 8. When I get 9 month pictures uploaded to my computer, I’ll add a couple!)

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Bennett– This little boy is a clown. The nurse at the pediatrician’s office called him that and it is just the perfect description of him. Always entertaining. He’s a good little buddy. A solid chunk with strong, strong legs. He smiles and laughs very easily. Is still very ticklish. And is LOUD. He is still demanding and will go from 0-60 when he does not like something, very quick tempered. On most days though he is much, much easier than he used to be. He eats like a champ- food is serious business. He has two cute little bottom teeth and just cut two on the top. He is still hanging on to his dark blue eyes and his hair is still sticking straight up. When he is sleepy he is very snuggly and rests his cheek on your cheek. He loves to clap, play peek-a-boo, blow bubbles, and be sung and read to. He is the happiest boy jumping in the jumper or running around chasing the dogs, or our toes and ankles, in the walker.


Eliza– She is still the sweetest girl around. She is all over the place crawling, pulling up, and has her hands in everything! Shoe strings, the dog leash, and licking the trash can (which gets relocated to the laundry room now when she’s on the move) are favorites to chew. She has perfected the soft smile and there is no shame in her staring game, still super observant.  She also has two bottom teeth and just cut one on the top with another one on its way. When you can get a laugh out of her, she has a deep, almost hoarse, belly laugh. She is an excellent swiper- always taking things from her brother. But you better think twice about taking anything away from her- huge meltdown will likely ensue. This girl loves to drink water like her Mama. Over the past few months she has really started to look more & more like Will. She is the happiest being in the middle of everything either being held, or sitting in a lap. Sometimes I stick her in her highchair with some toys on the tray while I’m in the kitchen so she can see- her LeLe said she’s practicing her lifeguarding skills.

6-9 month favorites

  1. Duck TubWe take our baths in this since outgrowing the infant tub. They both LOVE kicking and splashing like crazy in this tub. I wanted to wait until we were a little more confident with sitting up before putting them in the actual big tub and this works perfect for that transition.
  2. Playard Gate– B & E are officially caged in- kenneled, corralled, baby jail-whatever you want to call it. Since Eliza started crawling, I feel like overnight it all happened and she woke up one day and was just all over the place. We had chatted about how to baby proof the house and briefly talked about getting something like this to contain them in one area. It took one day of Will being off and at home for this decision to be officially decided. I am also loving this because it keeps the dogs out, off the couches and the babies personal space! Check & check.
  3. Gymboree Shape Shakers– If Bennett can shake it, he loves it. If it makes noise, even better.
  4. Rock N Roll Walker– We got this hand-me-down walker from our buddies the Abneys! This has provided endless entertainment for both babies. Bennett is so content in his car. The dogs also make themselves scarce when they are playing in this.
  5. Door Jumper– One of Will’s coworkers gave us a door jumper. This isn’t the exact one but it looks very similar! Both babies can catch some air in this thing!
  6. Convertible Carseat– I swiped these up a few months ago when they were on sale. A blog that I read, PB&J Babes, was also offering an additional discount on top of the sale price using their discount code. No way I could pass it up knowing we’d be making the purchase eventually. Even though they haven’t reached the weight limit of their infant carriers just yet, we went ahead and made the switch to these. Friends, they are really nice. I kind of want one for myself. I really like how soft they are, the cup holder, and the fact that I can remove the fabric and wash it.
  7. Sippy CupsWe are getting the hang of sippy cups. We like these. Without going through several different kinds, I went off the advice of a fellow mom after the first set we tried weren’t successful, and these are great!
  8. Mommy Hook- I’ve been getting a lot of use out of this monster hook. It works great for hooking my diaper bag to the stroller, but has come in handy the most while grocery shopping. When I first thought about making a grocery store trip with B&E by myself, the easiest way that came to mind to accomplish this was putting them in the stroller with a reusable shopping bag for groceries hooked on the stroller with the Mommy Hook.  I’m limited to how much will fit in the shopping bag so it’s great for small trips! I’m sure I look a little strange, but it works right now! I’ll probably come up with something more creative when they get a little bigger- I saw a parent in the grocery the other day with kids in one cart, pulling a second cart with the groceries.
  9. WagonWill’s Aunt Laurel passed this wagon down to Bennett & Eliza and we are loving it! It’s a fun switch up from the stroller. Will takes them on walks in it. We used it at the pumpkin patch and plan on using it for trick-or-treating too!
  10. Busy Basket– I have all of their little toys in a basket. I usually put a few out at a time, but one day recently I put the entire basket down on the play mat and Eliza was completely entertained for a very long time, pulling each toy out. I remembered in one of the baby classes at Gymboree, we would get out a “busy box” towards the end filled with toys and the babies loved exploring what was inside. Since then, I put the basket down and it really keeps them both “busy” It’s very cute to see them sit next to each other and explore what is inside the basket together.


*photography by Claire Town

2 thoughts on “9 Months

  1. Absolutely precious! Love reading what they are doing and hearing tales of the twin life. Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to our next time together. Love ya’ll!!!


  2. Precious, Mary Claire! Your collection of posts are a real treasure.

    Do have a one year want list for Eliza and Bennett?

    Love you! -v

    Sent from my iPhone -versa


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