Hi friend! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Mary Claire, wife to my always keeps me laughing husband, Will. We are new parents to boy/girl twins, Bennett and Eliza, and along with our two doggies, Roux & Cookie, we are The Stickles! Together, we are navigating through this new season of life, not always gracefully –it’s a circus friend- and with lots of help, figuring out our new normal. After struggling with infertility for almost three years, I have such a heart for women facing the same tough road. And want to use our story to help & encourage others, and to share God’s glory.

A year ago our life looked completely different. This blog began during a period of wait. Neither one of us, in our wildest dreams, could have ever imagined what would unfold and how we would receive our miracles out of these circumstances. •From an infertility 5K that led to a Go Fund Me Fundraiser •Being fully funded for IVF in a matter of weeks • A cancelled IVF cycle converted to an IUI •Left feeling weary from the battle •Finding out we were pregnant •And it’s twins! •To welcoming our miracles into this world December 23 & 24, 2015 (twins with two different birthdays, God has a sense of humor) a year from when this blog got it’s start ••Wow•• We point it back to our loved ones, and give the credit to God and to you friend- through your help, your love, and your support, we saw the amazing work of God. He answered our prayers & your prayers, exceedingly abundantly beyond. We step into this chapter of life, hearts overflowing with gratitude!



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  1. Hi. I just stubbled across your blog and wanted to reach out to say you are not alone. There is light and joy and happiness at the end of your road, I promise!!! My hubby and I tried to conceive for almost 8 years. 4 IUIs and 2 IVFs. You have my email if you have any questions. Even Dr questions for this next step you’re taking. Good luck!


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