Today I am posting a picture of a donut. Because donuts are delicious. Two years ago, I turned 30 on the same day as Mother’s Day. I ran away to the beach and sat in the sun with a book in hand completely ignoring the holiday. We couldn’t make the trip for the whole weekend, but my sweet husband booked a hotel and drove us to the beach to stay for one night bc I couldn’t face that day turning 30 without being a mother. Today I want to acknowledge those with a mother’s heart. I don’t need to post the hundredth picture of my kids on this specific day to say what a blessing being a mom is, because you know that already. I am cheering you on during this season of wait, which is even harder on a day such as today, and want this so badly for you whether we are buddies or have never met. So Imma go eat a donut, or four, in your honor. And you should too, treat yo self girl. #donutgiveup